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Added: 03/12/2019

Li Moon Stripping on the Table

It looks like a nice day outside but Li's attention is focused indoors. Our attention is on Li. Sexy underwear too.

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Added: 01/25/2019

Li Moon Stripping on the Balcony

Li's tight yellow dress looks great surrounded by green, especially with nothing under it. Li is pretty hot without the dress too.

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Added: 12/26/2018

Li Moon Undressing for Christmas

Li's got everything you need to celebrate and be merry; some wine, a cozy bed and, most importantly, her!

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Added: 11/20/2018

Li Moon's Outside Shower

This is the video to go with these awesome photos. Li Moon's got such a one-of-a-kind look and her body is just wow!

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Added: 10/30/2018

Shower Time with Li Moon

The lovely Li skipped the pool and headed straight for the shower. She ended up skipping her swimsuit too.

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Added: 08/27/2018

Li Moon by the Water

Li Moon's at a great location with a sliver of an outfit. Lucky for us, she's only there to take it off.

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Added: 06/24/2018

Li Moon Stands Out in the Garden

Li's surrounded by leaves in her lacy red teddy. She's really outside to get naked though.

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Added: 05/31/2018

Li Moon on the Rocks

Li's all-in-one outfit slips off in one step. She's a ways from the water but it's the perfect spot for some sexy pics.

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Added: 03/16/2018

Li Moon Naked & Outside

The beautiful and nymph-like Li Moon is lying out on the couch without a stitch of clothing. She's got a free day to enjoy the sun and a great view.

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Added: 01/09/2018

Li Moon in a Sexy Teddy

Li hopped up on the table to give us a better look at her lacy lingerie. Or maybe to give us a striptease? Probably both.

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Added: 11/29/2017

Li Moon Checking the Fine Print

Li's got some reading to do and a magnifying glass to make sure she doesn't miss anything. She's also got a sexy outfit that's full of holes.

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Added: 08/23/2017

Li's Got an Outside Couch

Li Moon has a big, open garden to herself with the perfect place to lay out naked in the sun. Click here for the video version.

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Added: 07/26/2017

Li Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Li does some wandering through the garden in her underwear. When she finds a place to sit down she decides to lay out with the sun on her bare skin.

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Added: 06/14/2017

At the Pool with Li Moon

A sunny day, a pool with a floaty and Li Moon are all you need for a perfect day. You might notice that a bikini is not one of the things you need.

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Added: 11/05/2011

Fast Car Causes Girl to Bust out of her Shirt (Extended Version)

We posted this video on Halloween, but thanks to a tip off by GBW, we can now bring you the extended version which shows more boob!