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Added: 04/23/2019

A Striptease from Melissa Moore

Melissa is one of our favorite brunette beauties and she does not disappoint in this set from Holly Randall. Nice mix of glamour and girl-next-door.

Melissa & Mary in the Kitchen

If you haven't seen the video of these two babes in the kitchen you should take care of that ASAP. We would watch this cooking show all day.

Melissa has an Alien Encounter

Cool short story with hotties Jenna and Melissa. Also, Melissa wrote this and that's pretty awesome.

Melissa & Mary Decorate Each Other

Mary says she wants to help Melissa with her baking but she really just wants Melissa. Instead of icing the cupcakes, she tops her nipples.

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Added: 02/22/2018

Melissa Moore Waiting in the Bedroom

Melissa's got an adorable set of lingerie and plenty of space in bed. She has a dreamy look in her eye and a mischievous smile, too.

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Added: 01/25/2018

Melissa Moore in the Shower

Melissa's not exactly in a rush but we're in no hurry for her to finish. We can wait all day as long as we get to keep her company.

Lily's Got a Crush

After some spying on Abigail giving a patient a sponge bath, Lily decides to make a move on her fellow nurse. Abigail doesn't seem surprised.

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Added: 01/04/2018

Melissa & Lana Work Together

They were both fantasizing about each other but had no idea - guess they've cleared that up now. Too bad that doesn't happen when we dream about them.

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Added: 11/21/2017

Melissa & Gina are Perfect Strangers

Gina's looking for a different experience and Melissa is ready to give it to her. They can't even wait till they're out of the club to jump on each other.

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Added: 08/22/2017

Melissa Undressing in Bed

Melissa's ready for some fun in bed and she's getting started by peeling off her lingerie. Looks like things are off to a good start.

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Added: 07/10/2017

Melissa and Gina are Up to No Good

After Melissa complains about her pervy teacher, Gina comes up with a devious idea. It involves some nude selfies and ends up turning both girls on.

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Added: 06/22/2017

Melissa Moore Putting on a Show

Petite beauty Melissa is talking dirty and showing off some new undies. She likes being watched and we sure like watching!

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Added: 05/23/2017

Melissa's Got No Panties

Melissa's got a girl-next-door look including some short shorts and a big smile. She's our kind of neighbor, the kind that doesn't take long to get naked.

A Naughty Weekend for Three Girlfriends

Darcie invited her friends for a weekend of luxury. She greets them with her tits out does her best to get her uptight friend naked.

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Added: 01/23/2013

Busted Filming Chloe James Getting Dressed = Sexy Strip Show!

Instead of being upset she puts on a show for us in this exclusive S&F video! Hooray!