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Added: 02/17/2019

Chloe Taking a Break

Chloe manages to get out of her bikini before she's even finished her cigarette. She's definitely in great shape although her lungs might not be.

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Added: 02/14/2019

Antonia Went Shopping

Antonia got some sexy underwear and she can't wait to try it on. She couldn't wait to take it off either.

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Added: 02/08/2019

Kate Anne in the Changing Room

Going shopping with Kate is more fun when she doesn't close the curtain in the changing room. She doesn't actually try anything on and that's just fine.

Best of Alison Tyler Battle!

Alison by the pool, in a mirror, in stockings and in heels. Which look is your favorite?

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Added: 01/29/2019

Sami in a Bikini and a Jacket

With her heels, denim and swimsuit, Sami's ready for... well we're not sure but she looks great in the bedroom. Plus, she's taking everything off.

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Added: 01/11/2019

Ryan's Torn Fishnets

Ryan isn't sure about the stockings but we sure as hell are. Her ass is amazing and she's got so much personality.

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Added: 12/28/2018

Elina Undressing by a Mirror

Elina's in and out of a lacy getup and she's posing with her reflection. We like her outfit and fantastic figure.

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Added: 11/30/2018

Niemira and a Mirror

Niemera's finished getting ready but we can understand why she keeps checking. Then again, she doesn't keep her outfit on long.

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Added: 11/14/2018

Daisy Checking Herself Out

Daisy's got some lingerie on and she's seeing how it looks. Mostly she's seeing what it looks like when she's taking it off.

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Added: 09/30/2018

Karlee Lets Her Hair & Bra Down

Karlee's got kind of film noir thing going on for this video. That bright red lipstick is a winner and then of course, her tits.

Mia in Nothing but Stockings

You might remember Mia from this performance and if not, you might want to watch it again. Hot girl with great curves.

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Added: 09/18/2018

Karlee's Tipping Her Hat

Karlee is kind of over and underdressed at the same time. She ends up more in the under category by the end, though.

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Added: 08/16/2018

Avery's Got a Nice Smile

Avery's got big, brown eyes and a great ass. In this video, she's stripping out of her bra and panties in some warm mirror light.

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Added: 08/03/2018

Nina North is Ready for a Shower

If you live in a glass house then don't have neighbors we guess. We'll be happy to keep an eye out for perverts for her.

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Added: 11/28/2011

Midori's S&F Strip at Moose Bar

As you may or may not know, I go by the handle 'mOOse' on this site and our forums. So imagine my delight when I saw this set of Midori in my inbox. She truly is sexy and funny.