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Added: 08/24/2018

Some Naked Snorkeling

After soaking up the sun this hot beachgoer goes for a long swim-no bathing suit required.

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Added: 07/08/2018

Charley Naked by the Ocean

Guess she's too far away from the water to need her bikini anyway. It's not like she can walk down to the water in those heels.

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Added: 02/20/2018

Dominika on a Homemade Waterslide

From the guy that brought you Tereza running here's Dominika sliding. Looks like a good time.

Scarlett-Morgan Sneaking Photos at a Waterfall

Scarlett has to wait for a couple of passersby to get her photos done but we can see why she's willing to go the extra mile.

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Added: 12/29/2017

Heaven Spending the Day Naked

Heaven's got the whole creek to herself and she's making the most of it. When she realizes no one else is coming around, she ditches her swimsuit for some tanning and skinny dipping.

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Added: 12/04/2017

Alisa Soaking at the Water's Edge

Alisa's splashing around at the shallow end of the beach. We can't think of a better way to enjoy the sun... other than watching Alisa that is.

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Added: 10/09/2017

Alisa Leaning into the Sun

Alisa's found a deserted building with a thatched roof that gives her the perfect amount of shade and sunshine. With no one there, there's no need to get dressed.

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Added: 09/10/2017

Tiffany Playing in a Waterfall

Tiffany's got the pool all to herself and it includes a cool waterfall. We wish she had spent more time out of the water but we like how she starts off.

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Added: 09/04/2017

Agnetis Topless in the Water

Agnetis is in the middle of the water by herself but she's got two giant flotation devices to keep her bobbing comfortably. Just look at those mountains ... in the background.

Danielle Knows Hot to Keep Cool

Danielle's found a way to combat the heat of the day and look amazing at the same time. We can't think of a better use for bottled water. Pics here.

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Added: 08/15/2017

Underwater Nudity with Eva Lovia

Eva gives us a good view of her booty before getting into the pool and providing us with some awesome underwater shots of her whole naked body.

Topless Tanning and Water-Gun Fun

After some time in the sun, these two get dragged into a water-gun fight by surprise. Apparently, it was a bit of a turn-on...

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Added: 06/30/2017

Russian Mineral Water

Looks like this water is from a place pure enough for at least one beautiful nude woman to bathe in. Or they're using a hot girl to sell something but that doesn't seem likely.

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Added: 06/20/2017

Mariposa's at a Waterfall

Mariposa's got a hell-of-a backdrop even though she doesn't really need one. If you like tall, shapely, naked girls this might be your kind of photoshoot.

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Added: 02/08/2012

Kim's Boobs are Out As She Watches a Video of Herself on S&F!

This is one of the coolest videos we've ever received. Here's the video she was watching. Huge thanks to Kim and DownblouseLoving!