Battle Game List

Let's Make Music Battle!

by phunlover

These girls desperately need some lessons. Which girl would you most like to make music with?

Hottest Sports Girl Battle

by mOOse

A HUGE battle consisting of 35 rounds of girls doing sports. Lets see who hits a home run and comes out on top!

Best Pictures You Wish You Could Adjust The Camera Perspective!

by Isobar

Ever see a picture of a girl in a skirt and you try and tilt your neck to see up it? Vote for your favorite!

Battle of the Breasts!

by phunlover

User phunlover created this battle featuring the boobs of all the most requested girls on the site. How appropriate then that we feature it today?

Sexiest Girl with a Hip or Belly Tattoo Battle!

by Isobar

I know tattoos aren't everyones cup of tea on a girl, but some manage to pull the look off well. Who will come out on top?

Best Use of Props for Censorship Battle!

by Isobar

Don't you just hate when things get in the way? By helping choose a winner you get to make the best out of a bad situation!

I'm All Wet Battle

by phunlover

These girls have 3 things in common, they're hot, they're naked and they're wet! Your job is to pick the best one, good luck!

The Hottest WDYWTSN Winner So Far Battle!

by mOOse

We're taking a week off from new hotties and instead having the winners so far battle it out using our new feature! This will be interesting..

mikegagnon123's Best Boobs Battle

by mikegagnon123

Not a huge battle by any means and a simple enough task, just vote for the girl with the nicest boobs!

Favorite Outfit Battle!

by Isobar

Outfits are usually just a background thing when it comes to babes stripping. Well, user Isobar has brought them to the forefront for this Battle vote-off. Click here to create

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Battle!

by Isobar

Who's the hottest of them all? Vote for your favorite mirror pictures.

Hottest Redhead Battle

by mOOse

New feature alert! Simply click on the picture you like more until there are none left. Go to Photos->Battles to see a listing, or click on the Battle button to the right to

Best Bunny Girl!

by fluffybunny

Pick the girl who wears the bunny ears the best!

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