Battle Game List

Best/Sexiest Use of a Vehicle Battle

by N1NJ4BLU307

What a great and unique battle idea. Please read the instructions (below the images) before voting.

Battle of the Naked Oily Bodies!

by deceneu

These girls are oiled up and ready to slip up to the top. Vote for your favorite and see if she is slippery enough!

Gisele's Hottest Photo Battle!

by mOOse

We've trawled through the S&F archives to find the 24 hottest/most interesting photos of Gisele out there. Now it's your jobs to rank them in order by voting for your favorites!

Iamsolo's Hottest Ass Battle!

by iamsolo

User iamsolo has created an ass battle of his favorite pics. Help put them in the hottest to least hot order by voting for your preferred ass in each of the match ups.

Scariest Halloween Costume Battle

by mOOse

We've compiled a list of the scariest photos on the site along with a few wildcards that don't belong (I'm looking at you bumble bee girl) just to see what will happen.

Favorite NakedNews Anchor Battle!

by mOOse

We've put together a gallery of all the present anchors on NakedNews as well as the more popular former ones to present to you the ultimate

Sexy in Glasses Battle

by wyvern70

User wyvern70 has put together this list of 20 models wearing various kinds of glasses. Who will finish on top?

Favorite Sexy Occasion Battle

by Isobar

It's going to be difficult to vote between the images themselves and the actual holidays/occasions.. but we believe in you!

Hottest Playboy Girl on S&F

by mOOse

We took the 50 best rated Playboy galleries and made what is possibly the hottest battle yet out of them. Lets see who comes out on top of this very fine bunch of ladies.

Let's Make Music Battle!

by phunlover

These girls desperately need some lessons. Which girl would you most like to make music with?

Hottest Sports Girl Battle

by mOOse

A HUGE battle consisting of 35 rounds of girls doing sports. Lets see who hits a home run and comes out on top!

Best Pictures You Wish You Could Adjust The Camera Perspective!

by Isobar

Ever see a picture of a girl in a skirt and you try and tilt your neck to see up it? Vote for your favorite!

Battle of the Breasts!

by phunlover

User phunlover created this battle featuring the boobs of all the most requested girls on the site. How appropriate then that we feature it today?

Sexiest Girl with a Hip or Belly Tattoo Battle!

by Isobar

I know tattoos aren't everyones cup of tea on a girl, but some manage to pull the look off well. Who will come out on top?

Best Use of Props for Censorship Battle!

by Isobar

Don't you just hate when things get in the way? By helping choose a winner you get to make the best out of a bad situation!

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