Battle Game List

Pappupassq's Top Five Battle!

by Pappupassq

Frequent S&F battle-maker Pappupassq has picked 10 pictures each of his five favorite models from the site. But who's the best of the favorites?

Quirky Props Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

Sometimes we don't notice what's going on in the background, especially when there's a beautiful naked woman in the foreground. See what you notice in this wacky and sexy battle.

DDF Busty Battle!!

by Pappupassq

With a name like DDF Busty you kinda know what to expect from this battle. We don't think you'll be disappointed.

Bustilicious Charley S Battle

by microsdcardlover

New regular battle maker microsdcardlover has put together this impressive collection of Charley S photos for you to vote on. We love all you guys who contribute by making battles! Thank you!

Sexy Sneaker Showdown Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

Heavy holiday eatting is ahead, but these girls are staying slim with sporty footwear. Pick your favorite pair of shoes or other things until you reach the finish line!

Sexiest Jelena Jensen Battle!

by microsdcardlover

With her great looks and incredible curves, Jelena Jensen is an S&F favorite. See if you can pick your favorites from this big battle by microsdcardlover.

Best at Thinking Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

What hides behind their awe-struck eyes? Which thoughtful hotties do you prefer? Would we ask three questions in a row?

Mirror Battle 2017!!

by Pappupassq

Mirrors are great. You can make sure there's nothing stuck in your teeth and get twice as many angles. The original 360-degree view!

The Definitive Lyla Ashby Battle

by microsdcardlover

microsdcardlover has put together a collection of busty beauty Lyla. Pick your favorite images of this curvy babe.

evilmario's Most Luscious Breasts Battle

by evilmario

This isn't the first boob battle we've featured but we don't mind making room for this selection by user evilmario. You know what to do.

Best of Kayla Kiss

by Mr.1987

Kayla always does a good job of mixing sexy and fun. User Mr.1987 put this one together and it looks like he had some fun with the captions.

Sexy in the Kitchen Battle!!!

by Pappupassq

These ladies went to the kitchen for something to eat but ended up getting naked instead. Who are we kidding, these girls don't eat.

Best of the the Battle Winners!

by Mr.1987

It's time for a best-of-the-best review with the stars of previous battles. It's not hard to see how they ended up on top.

Selfie Queen Battle!!

by Pappupassq

These ladies are so much fun to take pictures of they can't resist doing it themselves. Who's the best behind the camera, though?

A Battle in the Woods!!

by Pappupassq

I guess it's pretty natural to get naked when you're all by yourself in the woods. These sexy ladies certainly think so.

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