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Thursday, August 24th 2017

Girl Folio Outtakes: February Edition

It's time for another set of fun photos and behind-the-scenes moments from Girl Folio. It's always nice to see some unfiltered smiles.

Kristina's Sheer Babydoll

Kristina keeps her heels and stockings on but ditches everything else in this striptease on the couch. She's got long hair and a nice shape.

Jennifer with an After-Work Strip

Jennifer Ann's white shirt matches her panties but not her bra but that's because she's not wearing one. The glasses are a nice touch.

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

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Lost Bets Games: Rock, Paper, Scissors and Naked Yoga

There are only two losers but everybody gets naked in this edition of Lost Bets Games; nice punishment too. Well, nice for us, anyway.

Brett Rossi in Spandex

Brett looks ready to compete and we're pretty sure she'd at least win the admiration of the spectators. Lucky for us, she's actually ready to get undressed.

Last Bath with Mary Jane

Okay, it's probably not her last bath but we're Tom Petty fans and couldn't resist. She's a great stand in for Kim Basinger too.

Li's Got an Outside Couch

Li Moon has a big, open garden to herself with the perfect place to lay out naked in the sun. Click here for the video version.

Jelena's in a Big Chair

We don't see Jelena often enough so we're happy for this long video. The nudity starts around the two-minute mark but we liked the whole thing.

Introducing Busty Babe Hadley Viscara

Hadley's got a great set of big, natural tits and a nice butt too. Here she is taking off her shirt and pulling her pants down in bed.

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

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Random Photos 491

Well I suppose you'd call that a bubble butt. Hope you guys survived the eclipse! I wonder if the shock absorbers in this van are terrible on purpose.. And finally, Kendra perfection!

Bailey Would Rather Have Fun than Do the Dishes

We prefer most things to washing dishes but watching Bailey undress is undeniably better. She thinks so too.

Rachel has the Gym to Herself

Rachel's more interested in being naked than working out. What good is a great body if you can't show it off, right?

Dolly Stretching in a Thin Shirt at the Gym

Dolly's sheer top is pretty much see-through which makes it a lot of fun to watch her stretch before her workout.

Willow Goes for a Ride on the Bang Bus

New girl Willow Winters gets a ride on the wild side in the back seat of the Bang Bus. It's a good trip since she's naked before too long.

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Busted Filming Chloe James Getting Dressed = Sexy Strip Show!

Instead of being upset she puts on a show for us in this exclusive S&F video! Hooray!