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Sunday, January 6th 2019

Ashley Jayne Wants a Gym Buddy

Ashley will do anything to have someone to workout with. A striptease for some company feels like a fair trade.

Friday, January 4th 2019

Pool Time with Dillion Harper

That's a kick-ass pool and wow if Dillion doesn't look amazing getting her feet wet in it. She looks so damn happy.

Vos in Just a Shirt

Vos is all made up for a picnic by the water and she's planning on wearing something even better - nothing! What a body.

Megan Having Fun at the Studio

Artists have a reputation for being free spirits or maybe it's just hot. Whatever the reason, Megan's naked and gorgeous.

Camping with JoJo & Karlee

Camping isn't for everyone but who wouldn't pitch a tent for Karlee and JoJo? Looks like it's a clothing-optional campground.

Battle of the 2018 Requests!

Every week we feature two galleries of the most requested models on S&F and this battle includes all of those featured during the last year. Good luck!

Thursday, January 3rd 2019

Modeling for a Friend

We'd like to point out that there is no way she's getting a single picture with that giant lens that close but hey, whoever's doing the video is for real. And they're all hot.

Girl Folio BTS: Tied Boobs, Tabletop Selfies and Upskirts at the Beach

There are a lot of moments in these outtake photos that we're looking forward to seeing more of.

Elle Having Fun on a Hike

Elle seems like a fun girl. She sells real estate when she's not hiking and said the best thing to use as nipple clamps is right at the office.

Gardening with Lucy Tyler

By gardening we mean slipping out of her shorts and tiny tee in the general area of the garden. Close enough.

Abella Shaking Her Ass at the Pool

Welllll Abella spends most of the video in her swimsuit but damn if her ass doesn't look great in it. She sure can make it bounce too.

Jade Kush in a Tracksuit

Jade looks great in this fashionable workout gear and in the neon thread pretending to be a swimsuit. Nice undies too.

Wednesday, January 2nd 2019

Natalia in Ibiza Part Two

Here's more of Natalia in Ibiza. She looks amazing on the beach, covered in sand and playfully flashing at a restaurant. Part one here.

Zuzanna Slips Out of Her Robe

Zuzanna's at a hotel and she's already making herself at home. Her bangs are cute and her body is incredible.

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Havoc Hailey Wraps Up a Nude Girl in Plastic Wrap!

..and has entirely too much fun doing it! We posted a photo from this episode in Random Photos and now you get to see the video. Yay!