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Wednesday, August 7th 2019

Alexa on a Fainting Couch

This specialized furniture may not be popular for the same reason it once was but it's adding a nostalgic feel to this changing room. Also, Alexa looks good on it.

Tuesday, August 6th 2019

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Random Photos 592

She's not great at piano but she's got other talents.. This mannequin has some impressive pokies. I think David got trolled. Surprise boobies ftw! And finally, best laundry day ever!

Karlee Grey in Turquoise Lingerie

Karlee's sporting a thick bush that would make a 70's centerfold proud. Her smooth skin and exceptional breasts look great in lacy lingerie.

Vika Keeping Warm Inside

It's snowy wherever Vika is and she's got something hot to drink and a big fluffy sweater. It's warm enough at her place that she's got nothing under her sweater.

Edyn's Comfortable Outdoors

Edyn likes being outside and she's got no problem running around the trail while the camera man struggles to keep up. She makes time for some flashing and lots of bouncing too.

Miluniel is Ready for a Safari

Okay so she's more ready for a photo shoot but that works out better for us. Her car tent looks cool and practical.

Monday, August 5th 2019

Autumn Doesn't Want Tan Lines

Autumn is kinda disappointed by how deserted it is at the beach until it means she can tan without her top. She certainly distracts the lifeguard.

Shower T&A with Tessa Fowler

Our favorite girl next door/busty pin-up Tessa is posing in the shower with and without soap. See the slightly-more-nude video here.

Curvy Bombshell Ava Black

Here is the video that we promised when we posted the photos. Ava poses by the park before getting oiled up in the shower. What a babe!

Nona's Naked on Set

Nona's in the director's chair although she's using it to surf on her phone at first. She doesn't leave that spot but she does leave her clothes behind.

Alisa Taking Some Polaroids

Alisa's got an instant camera with a button that makes it perfect for selfies. She does a decent job but then she's got a great subject.

Mila Ruling from a White Throne

We would have no problem kneeling for Mila for a whole host of reasons. She looks regal with or without her red garb.

Sunday, August 4th 2019

Lacey Banghard Behind a Sheer Wrap

Nice idea for a video and Lacey does a great job of maximizing the effect - in fact, it's a shame she's so damn good at it.

Agatha Doing Some Risky Flashing

There are a few people moving around in the background but Agatha doesn't seem too worried. Here's the video to go with the photos.

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