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Monday, January 22nd 2018

Karla's Gravity-Defying Tits

Karla's hourglass figure and big, perky boobs make her a perfect addition to the S&F lineup. She's got a medieval maiden look in these pics but what could be more classic than nude?

A Nude Shoot with Kristina

There's a lot to like about the beautiful Kristina; her deep blue eyes, great lips and incredible body. As you can tell from these photos, she doesn't need much to look amazing.

Kelly's Post-Workout Strip

Maintaining her flawless figure probably means lots of working out. And, of course, the main reason for working out is looking good naked, right?

Sunday, January 21st 2018

Ashley Flashing Her Big Butt

She's not shy about pulling her dress up or pulling her tits out. Her lack of underwear really boosts the hotness levels.

Jazmyn's Going Tits Out at the Pool

We can forgive the lack in variety in these pictures because of Jazmyn's big tits. Looks like she's getting rid of those tan lines.

Ariel's Got Red Hair and a Flashy Babydoll

Ariel is putting on a show in and out of some sheer lingerie. She's got a nice body including a great pair of tits.

Patience Morgan Playing with Her Big Boobs

Patience looks like she's ready for a bit of fun; she's got a wicked smile and a an open robe. She also has a two big handfuls of tits.

Saturday, January 20th 2018

Darya Sweet in Shorts and a Bra

Darya's bra is both small and see-through and, best of all, temporary. Her shorts disappear even faster.

Alexa with Breakfast and a Strip

Whether an apple-a-day keeps doctors away is up for debate but it looks like it's working for Alexa. The video's pretty good too.

Sarah Banks and Her Flawless Ass

Sarah's got a surprise under her coat - instead of a dress she's got sexy lingerie. Under that she's got pierced nipples and a hell-of-a butt.

Friday, January 19th 2018

Jade Waiting at Home

Jade's got no top and her skirt barely covers her butt. And she dressed up the room with some lights. She had us at topless.

Harley Trying on Her Ice Skates

Harley wanted to know what you think of her outfit before she wears it out. We needed to see her without it to know how we really felt though.

Daphoz Battle!!

Sadly, it seems that Daphoz is no longer up and running but we can still enjoy some of their excellent content in the form of a battle. And from posts here on S&F.

Katie Lou with a Vacation Flash

We like Katie's swimsuit partially because of its inspiring message and partly because Katie seems to be taking that message to heart. She seems like a fun beach buddy.

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