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Tuesday, January 8th 2019

Beautiful Margot in the Shower

Here are the pics that go with this video. It's hard to beat the video but we're definitely fans of the pictures.

Rachael in the Bath

Rachael's trying out her micro bikini in the bath and we think it's a winner. She takes it off before getting it soapy though.

Monday, January 7th 2019

Sybil Naked on the Couch

Sybil's dress is unbuttoned right from the start and she gets a little less dressed with each photo. There's a video too.

Angelina Outside in Her Underwear

To be honest, she doesn't have her underwear on the whole time. She has pretty green eyes, a sexy smile and incredible tits.

Gina Valentina and Her Big Ball

Hey, she's got to maintain her fantastic figure somehow. For more bounce, check the video.

Gillian Topless at the Pool

Gillian's swimsuit disappears a bit at a time while she swims around. Her shy smile is hot.

Sunday, January 6th 2019

Ashley Jayne Wants a Gym Buddy

Ashley will do anything to have someone to workout with. A striptease for some company feels like a fair trade.

Sovereign's Got No Underwear

Sovereign's flowery summer dress is thin, short and easy to take off. We like her hairstyle for this shoot - both of them.

Frey & Her Sexy Hips

Wow, Frey's a thin girl but her wide hips aren't going anywhere. We can tell what kind of bikini she prefers.

Dannie Stretched Out by the Pool

Dannie's more interested in getting a tan than swimming and that's great since she does it after shedding her bikini. Her legs go on and on.

Saturday, January 5th 2019

First Some Yoga, then Bed for Amia and Nicole

Both Nicole and Amia are in great shape as you can see in these photos. Check out the video for a shower scene.

Emelia Pulls Her Dress Up & Off

Emelia's got a sweet setup outside and enough privacy that she can enjoy it without her dress. It's a shame she didn't turn around a bit more but these are for the booty.

Sarah Heads to Bed Early

After looking out the window for a bit, Sarah decides the best course of action is to head back to bed. She gets undressed first though.

Friday, January 4th 2019

Battle of the 2018 Requests!

Every week we feature two galleries of the most requested models on S&F and this battle includes all of those featured during the last year. Good luck!

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