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Jennifer Hiding in the Shadows

Jennifer's got sexy lingerie and some moody lighting for this photoshoot. There's enough light to see her classy undies, though.

August Ames in a Sheer Swimsuit

We're not sure if this is meant to be worn outside, and August isn't sure she wants to wear it at all. Here's some video from the same shoot.

Marlee May Getting Sandy

Remember these sexy pics of Marlee in the desert? Well this here's the video to go with it.

Nikolart in Bright Green

We like Nikolart's colorful taste and her sexy figure. Nothing like an afternoon striptease to cheer you up!

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Random Photos 499

I'm not sure what's going on here but I think I like it. Some things are just meant to be I guess. Hailey shows off her pokies. And finally, lounging perfection.

Jenna and Karlee Fooling Around

It's starts with a massage but quickly heats up when Jenna makes a move on her sexy friend. Click here for video.

Sexy Blonde Aubry Sinclair

It seems like outdoor furniture is a key feature for nude photo shoots. Whatever the reason, we're glad to have these pics of Aubry baring it all.

Lola's Short, Plaid Skirt

Lola's got a sexy outfit and even brought a couple of props to match. Either that or she's got an unusual home office.

Dolly is Great at Show and Tell

Dolly's striptease comes with some sexy narration and great tits. Cute girl with lots of curves and a devious smile.

Kira thinks Jenna Deserves Better

These two have been best friends forever but Kira wants something more from her sexy bestie. Jenna's a little surprised but open to suggestions.

Cameron's Got Some Flowers for You

Cameron got a colorful bouquet of flowers, a sexy smile and a great ass. All three look great in the light from the window.

Charlotte Taking Pictures of Stella

Stella's posing for some photos with fellow FTV Girls' model, Charlotte. Stella's the only one flashing but if you want to see more of Charlotte here ya go.

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Naked News Audition: Voluptuous Eva Introduces Herself

Eva answers some questions for the Naked News Crew with her curvy body in full view. She seems like fun, hopefully she sticks around.

Meosy and a Sexy Bike

She's pretty hot too. I guess these are the kinds of wheels you have to be naked to appreciate.

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