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Layla's Bikini is See-Through when Wet

Layla's sheer, bright-pink bikini gets better once she goes for a swim. It improves even more when it's crushed up on the floor by the pool.

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Added: 10/12/2016

Layla Gets Some Sun on Her Ass

Layla's covered in smiles and, looking the way she does, she'll be surrounded by them too. Uncovered will get an even better reaction.

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Added: 07/01/2016

Celeste Really Likes Playing with Layla's Boobs

Not that anyone's blaming her because Layla has fantastic boobs. They take their time getting wet and soapy and spend a lot of time naked.

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Added: 06/15/2016

In the Garden While Layla Gets Undressed

Layla's got a big garden and some nice furniture. Her flowery dress fits right in but she prefers the natural look.

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Added: 10/20/2015

Layla Rose and Her Amazing Booty

Layla's laying in bed in some cute undies. Her amazing butt is almost enough to distract you from her breasts . . . almost.

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Added: 09/25/2015

Lovely Layla Rose Disrobes

Unfortunately the air conditioner broke on a hot and humid day. I guess she'll just have to remove a few items to keep cool.

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Added: 07/30/2015

Strip Her Game: Hot Roommate's Interactive Shoot!

We've got a brand new game for you guys! The goal is not just to strip Layla but also take as many photos of her as possible for the S&F game you are making. How's that for meta?

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Added: 03/25/2015

Layla Rose in Sheer Tops

Layla looks absolutely stunning in this set. I love staring at boobs through see thru clothing, and Layla does it quite well with her big Latin boobs.

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Added: 12/20/2014

Layla Rose Puts On a Short Strip

The always hot Layla already looked pretty good in her short skirt and knee-high socks. Of course she looked even better without them.

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Added: 10/06/2014

Layla and Celeste Skip Shopping for Some Naughty Fun

They were about to go to the mall but instead decided to focus on each other for some one-on-one time. Can't say that I blame them.

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Added: 07/21/2014

Layla Rose Gets Naked for Us!

A whole year has gone by since we last posted a Layla Rose video which I'm sure you'll agree is far too long for such a busty cutey.

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Added: 12/05/2013

Sexy Layla Rose Unzips

Sexy Layla unzips her jacket, but doesn't stop there! She also takes off her shorts and underwear.

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Added: 07/11/2013

Close-Ups of Layla's Best Features

It's been far too long since the last Layla Rose video (click here), so here's a video with lots of close-ups to make up for it. Mmmmm, Layla.

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Added: 04/07/2013

Layla Rose's Audition Video

Have I told you lately that Layla Rose is appearing everywhere? This time she's on Mac&Bumble and yet again we get to see those amazing boobs of hers.

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Added: 06/06/2013

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