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Added: 03/10/2011

Melissa Midwest & Friend Play on Cam

Unfortunately we don't know who her friend is, all we know is that she's hot.. the first person to tell us gets a cookie (and maybe an upgraded forum account too).

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Added: 03/17/2009

Melissa Midwest in a Hot Bath

Short video Melissa sent in to prove that she's still as sexy as ever. That laptop looks dangerously close to the bathtub, ahh the lengths she'll go to for her members!

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Added: 08/23/2010

Happy Birthday from Melissa Midwest

For anyone turning 24, Melissa would like to wish you a sexy birthday and you can eat cake off her naked body if you like!

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Added: 09/25/2007

Melissa Midwest in a Firehouse

Sexy Melissa has visited the local firemen and made them very happy.

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Added: 02/01/2011

Melissa Midwest Goes Nude Tanning

Melissa brought us along while she went for her usual nude tanning session. She's just nice like that.

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Added: 07/28/2010

Melissa Midwests Racecar

Melissa has sponsored a racecar and she's there on race day to raise some support as she flashes her boobs!

Slip 'n Slide with Melissa Midwest

Haven't featured Melissa for a while, so here she is naked in her backyard. She's got shorter hair now, but the same great body and smile.

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Added: 08/18/2008

Melissa Midwest and a Webcam

Set up a webcam near this 26 year old hottie and like a moth to a flame, she just naturally puts on a strip show!

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Added: 08/26/2007

Melissa Poses With Her Car

The hottest girl on the net (as voted by you) poses in front of her sporty Porsche. Sexy and automotive?

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Added: 11/07/2007

Melissa Midwest's Halloween Party

The naughty Melissa Midwest dressed up as an angel this year! Check out some of the pictures from her Halloween party.

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Added: 01/11/2008

Melissa Midwest in a Corvette

Melissa makes a sexy car even sexier by stripping down to nothing and getting cozy in the car!

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Added: 04/11/2009

Melissa Midwest As Another Sexy Bunny

I think this is a new game, strip egg hunt. Find an egg, take something off or flash!

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Added: 05/04/2009

Melissa Midwest Paints

But not just regular painting, Melissa paints with her boobs and bottom!

Melissa Midwest in Pink

Melissa puts on a sexy little show for her Valentine!

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Added: 07/14/2014

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