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Added: 02/15/2017

Ariel Wandering Around Naked

Ariel's found a deserted spot in the woods that's perfect for slipping out of her dress. Tiny, waist, big boobs and a nice butt, wow!

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Added: 01/17/2018

Carisha, Caprice & Ariel - Wow!

Well this video is pretty much perfect. FEMJOY is no slouch when it comes to finding beautiful models or making good content, we just wish we could sit in on a shoot.

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Added: 03/03/2017

Jeny Smith Walking Around Naked

Not only is Jeny fearless but she's impervious to the cold. She walks up and down a fairly busy street like it's perfectly normal. Nobody seems to mind, though.

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Added: 08/11/2016

Naked News Dance Practice and Other Behind the Scenes Fun

Some candid fun with our favorite news team including dancing with the flawless Elise. Watching her boobs bounce is mesmerizing.

Valentina Convinces Serena to Get Naked for a Massage

Serena wants to sell massage tables and Valentina wants to play. Well, one of them ended up happy, anyway.

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Added: 04/13/2018

Epic Pool Video with Ariel & Miela

Miela and Ariel are spending the day in the pool and they're doing it naked. All you need to know is that you should be watching it instead of reading.

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Added: 05/22/2017

Lana & Stella Playing in the Buff

These two busty hotties are goofing around and playing with each other. It's hard to pick a favorite but go ahead and try.

Dolce and Sofi Share a Shower

Darcie and Sofi hate everything about their vacation home except for the shower. They like it so much they try it out together. Pictures here.

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Added: 04/13/2018

Taylor Putting On & Taking Off Her Bikini

Taylor trades her purple undies for a bikini before a bit of splashing around. Then it's back to being naked.

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Added: 04/30/2018

Locker Room Celebrations

They just won the big game and everyone's hyped. Things go from flirty to kissing real fast once they start undressing.

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Added: 05/25/2018

Allesandra Flashing Her Tits at the Park

Allesandra has an infectious giggle and an exceptional body. We weren't expecting those boobs.

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Added: 05/15/2018

The Postman Spies on Valentina

Valentina's new to the neighborhood but she's made at least one friend. She hasn't bought any curtains yet though.

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Added: 08/10/2016

Sandy Takes a Walk with Her Skirt Pulled Up

After a short but sexy trip outside, Sandy comes in to take everything off. She tells us she likes dancing and gets a little wild after a shot or two.

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Added: 12/05/2017

Ava and August Get Interrupted

Ava was planning to spend the day in bed with the babysitter but her hubbie came home early. She still manages to sneak into the shower where she's left a naked August Ames.

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Added: 08/10/2010

Watch Cam Shows for Free!

Basically you can watch girls strip and do shows for free while others tip them. Or you can be nice and tip too, it's up to you! There's a permanent link on S&F to this site for easy access, near the bottom/right of every page.