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Wednesday, November 7th 2018

Aubrey & Elena Cover Each Other in Paint and then Shower

These are the pics from this awesome video, the hottest painting session ever. And then there's the shower at the end.

Tuesday, November 6th 2018

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Random Photos 553

She seems to be having a ball taking naughty pics of herself. And these girls are having fun too! This dog not so much. It's way too early for Christmas songs.. And finally, topless tennis court perfection.

Alex Has to Test the New Gel

After a complaint about their latest release, Isabelle insists her assistant help her try it out by stripping down in her office. They're very thorough.

Lena Getting Spied On

Some exceptional photos of the exceptional Lena Paul, first in the kitchen and then the shower. Video here.

Roxanne in Frilly Blue Panties

She's even got the shirt to match. It's the perfect outfit for some sexy moves and a striptease.

Jill Using the Outside Shower

Jill walked right by the pool and headed straight to the shower. She really makes those rocks look comfortable.

Monday, November 5th 2018

Brunette Beauty Aria

Aria's got dreamy eyes, an amazing body and a soft, sexy voice to boot! She pulls off her dress and plays with her amazing tits in her second video on S&F.

Susi R and Her Guitar

Susi's found a spot in the woods that's perfect for some quiet time with her music. Best of all, she likes practicing naked!

Stacey Poole in the um... Pool

Stacey's in a shiny bikini that's too small or just right depending on your perspective. She only needs half of it for this shoot.

Valentina Nappi Lifts Her Skirt

Valentina's got two sexy outfits, one on top of the other. Of course our favorite look is the one under both of them.

Adriana's Post-Workout Shower

Adriana's just come from a workout and she has a massage on the way. In-between she's cleaning up with a shower. Sexy girl and nice bush.

Harriette Taylor Drops Her Jacket

We like her sense of style - a lacy teddy, fancy stilettos and a camo jacket. Not that we'd complain anyway since she's taking them off.

Sunday, November 4th 2018

Sarah Walks in on Reena

Reena thought she had the house to herself but gets surprised in the bath. A change of plans isn't always bad, though.

Nici Naked Near the Window

Nici's in purple panties on the couch, at least at the start of this photoset. There are a couple of black-and-white pics in the mix too.

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