Battle Game List

Best Job Working the Camera Battle

by Three D

There are pretty girls and then there are models. These ladies know how to work a look and make you feel something.

Who Wins This Wet T-Shirt Contest?

by sensualpianist

Water + t-shirt = hot and these lovely sexyandfunny ladies are no exception. Choose the best but enjoy the rest . . .

Best of Bath Time Battle

by sensualpianist

S&F user sensualpianist created a fun battle featuring girls getting clean, while you get dirty ideas watching them. We need more people to create battles, click here!

Best of UGotItFlauntIt Battle!

by mOOse

Courtesy of UGotItFlauntIt, here comes a battle from just about every gallery of theirs we have on the site. I guess this serves as a timely reminder that summer has j

Stickman's Twistys Treats Battle

by stickman_mk1

We've had an 'official' best of Twistys girls battle (click here) but user stickman_mk1 has made his own and we though it was worth sharing. To make your own battle,

Battle Winners Battle!

by mOOse

All the winners of the 54 battles so far feature in this battle of the absolute best. If you thought voting in these battles was hard before then this edition may just prove impossible. Good luck!

Who Would You Most Want to Wake Up to Cooking You Breakfast?

by That Aussie Guy

Woken up after a big night memory is blurry and you hear noise in the kitchen. You get up to investigate. Which of these lovely ladies would you most like to find cooking your breakfast?

Hot Rides Battle

by base212assm

Lets see how if anyone does bother reading the instructions for this one. If the girl with the old rowboat wins, we'll know that's a big fat no!

Definitive Hayley Marie Coppin Battle

by mOOse

In this battle is an image from each and every Hayley Marie Coppin gallery on S&F. I can't wait to see which Hayley you guys like the best. Let the battle begin

Sexiest Beach Babes Battle

by That Aussie Guy

The sun is out, the water is crystal clear and these girls are determined to make the best of it. Lets see which beach bunny ends up on top of the pile.

The Girls of Twistys Battle

by mOOse

Hooray, it's time for another 'girls of' battle! This time the focus is on our long time partner, Twistys! There are more hotties here than you can twist your stick at, or som

Best Smile of Girls Whose Name Starts with A Battle!

by That Aussie Guy

Say hello to the most specific battle we have so far. It's great to see so many hot smiling ladies in one place.

Battle of the Long Socks!

by Isobar

And now for something a little different, rate girls based on their long socks! Yeah, I think we all know you'll be looking at their boobs but hey..

Best Close-Up Boobs Battle!

by That Aussie Guy

Biggest is not always best, but I'll leave that up to you. You might have to enlarge a few of these to really get a good look (the images not the boobs!)..

The Hottest Girl of MET Art Battle

by mOOse

We've got more galleries from MET-Art than any other site, so you know this battle is going to be tough. Lets see which girl rises to the top!

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