Battle Game List

Fit Girls Battle!

by battlebot

We'd like to think that seeing bodies in such great shape would encourage us to do some exercise but we'd rather stay at the computer and watch them.

Kandi Kay Battle!

by microsdcardlover

Lots of scenes with busty brunette Kandi! Most of them are topless, a few of them are naked but which one is the best?

Picture Perfect Battle!

by june pearl

Every set has that one picture that's just perfect. Vote for your perfect picture from this collection of perfect pictures.

Hottest Eva Lovia Battle!

by mrb1974

L.A. born Eva Lovia can go from sweet and coy to devilish in an instant. Which look is the best though? Check her out on twitter after the battle.

Full Frontal Battle!

by vynn

Few words inspire excitement the way "Full Frontal" does, especially with babes like these. Good luck choosing between so many naked babes!

Girls by the Water Battle!

by battlebot

One of the best parts of going to the beach is seeing all the sexy swimsuits and in some cases, no swimsuits! Most of these babes are in that second category.

Battle of the B's!

by mrb1974

B is a beautiful letter, especially when followed by 'oobs' and 'utts'. In this case the Bs are followed by other letters but there are still plenty of the other two!

Battle of the Thongs II!

by june pearl

Thongs are pretty sexy, when they're on or in the process of sliding down. Vote for your favourite thongs whether on or almost off!

Battle of the Redheads

by mrb1974

It's been a while since we've had a battle of red-haired beauties but wait no more! Now you just have to choose.

Battle of the Perky Titties!

by Cap00

Gravity doesn't stand a chance, these boobs are perky beyond all belief! No belief is required to vote though.

Massage-Time Battle!

by Pappupassq

Some pictures before, after and during a few very sexy massage sessions. But who's giving (or getting) the hottest rubdown?

Best of the Bang Bros Babes Battle!

by mrb1974

Battle-maker mrb1974 says Bang Bros always has the hottest babes and we're not going to argue. But who's the hottest of the hottest?

Battle of the Buxom Brunettes!

by Cap00

This battle is all about the dark-haired hotties and their mostly naked bodies. Who do you think is the most fun out of these babes though?

Best Nude Girl Battle III!

by mrb1974

It's the third installment of one of our favorite series, courtesy of mrb1974. Lots of ladies and almost no clothes!

Be My Valentine Battle!

by ticklishtickler

Check out this timely battle from ticklishtickler, who wants to know, "Which model has hit you with Cupid's Arrow?"

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