Battle Game List

Sexy Sunset Battle

by sensualpianist

You probably won't notice the beautiful sunsets behind these girls but give it a go. We noticed at least two.

Best of Carlotta Champagne Battle!

by Pappupassq

This battle's focus is Carlotta and it features some of the best photos from her site! Lets see wh

Pick the Best Sport Battle!

by stickman_mk1

Another sports themed battle but this one actually breaks it down by each sport. Lets see which one ends up on top!

Best of the 'Worst' Photos Battle!

by Pappupassq

It's a bit harsh to call it 'worst', when almost all the ladies that grace S&F are stunners in the real world. But for whatever reason, these pics ended up at the bottom of the battles so far.

Best Upboob Battle!

by sensualpianist

Boobs look awesome from any angle, especially from below! Vote for your set of looming tits in this short but sweet battle.

Definitive Muriel Battle!

by sensualpianist

A short but not simple battle today.. Muriel is an Argentine beauty with a body of a goddess! It won't be easy choosing her hottest photo, but we believe in you!

Girls of Penthouse Battle!

by Pappupassq

User Pappupassq has put together another cracking battle.. And there's more good news, thanks to him and users like

Nothing But Net Battle

by sensualpianist

Forget about fish, we wouldn't mind catching one of these girls in our net! These girls all have something on but it's our favorite kind of something-mesh.

Hottest Brunettes Battle!

by battlebot

Pick your favorite brown-haired beauty from the top rated brunettes here at S&F. Who says blondes have all the fun?

Couch Potato Battle

by sensualpianist

When you look as good as these girls, it's okay to be a couch potato! Pick your favorite sofa surfer from this collection of beauties.

Definitive Shay Laren Battle

by Pappupassq

This battle includes all-time favorite Shay Laren and her best photos on S&F. I know you can't quit this one, so keep voting and lets find her hottest ever photo!

Babes in Blue Battle

by sensualpianist

Is blue your favorite color? If not, it may be after you see these beautiful babes in this color-themed battle by user sensualpianist!

Bubble Butt Battle!

by sensualpianist

All of these photos have two things in common. They feature butts and they feature bubbles! Help put them in order of best to.. least best.

Sexiest Cowgirl Battle

by Pappupassq

This battle includes some of the best cowgirls on S&F. Sometimes a hat is all you need for a great outfit. Another awesome battle by user Pappupassq!

Battle of the 'C' Girls

by Pappupassq

This battle includes some of the best girls with names that begin with C. Choose your favorite one!

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