Battle Game List

Most Patriotic Girl Battle!

by mOOse

Lets see which girl comes out on top in this 4th of July themed battle. There is one surprise in there, my money is on her finishing dead last. Lets see what happens!

The Girls of Digital Desire Battle!

by mOOse

We hate to do this to you but here is another epic battle that will be very difficult to get through. We believe in you though!

Hottest Asian Girl Battle!

by mOOse

It's time to settle this once and for all. Who will be voted the hottest Asian on S&F? It's up to you, just get through the end and lets see who ends up on top.

Loco's Hottest Babes Battle

by loco42069

User loco42069 created a battle featuring his favorite babes on S&F. DId you know you too can create your own battle and have 1000s of people vote on it? Click here!

Hottest Girl of Femjoy Battle

by mOOse

It's time to settle the score at Femjoy. We've picked the top 40 girls (as rated/favorited by you) and now they battle it out against each other to see who is the ultimate Femj

Battle of the Thongs!

by mOOse

A mega battle of epic proportions. Who's whale tail will reign supreme? You have to vote and find out!

Hottest Lady in Garters Battle

by muresan

Do you like high heels, stockings and garters? Well then this battle is for you.

Girls of Photodromm Battle!

by mOOse

A simple enough premise, but having to pick a winner in each round will prove anything but easy. Lets see which Photodromm babe takes top spot in this comprehensive battle.

Beautiful In Bed Battle

by phunlover

Who wouldn't want to wake up beside a naked girl? Vote for your favorite!

Stickman's Redheads Battle

by stickman_mk1

Not the biggest battle and he seems to really like Tessa, but enjoyable none the less. If you want to make your own battle, it's pretty simple. Make sure you are logged in and then

Sexiest Bunny Girl Battle

by mOOse

Naturally there are quite a few Playboy bunnies that feature in this Easter themed battle. Lets see which bunny bounces her way to the top of the list!

Best Snow Melting Girl Battle

by deceneu

All these ladies are hot enough to melt snow, but which one melts it the quickest? How's that for an obscure battle?

Most Flexible Girl Battle!

by deceneu

A battle between flexible girls. All these girls are flexible, but which one will stretch out all the way to first place? Only vote way to found, go ahead and vote!

Hot Legs Battle!

by stickman_mk1

It's the battle of the legs today. I know it's going to be difficult to ignore the other things in the photos but I believe in you. Lets see who will stand on top!

Another Best Ass Battle!

by deceneu

User deceneu has a crack (ha!) at an ass battle and these lovely ladies have made the cut. Once we have enough ass battles we should do a best-off battle to settle it once and for all.

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