Battle Game List

Hot Yoga Battle!!!

by Pappupassq

What's not to love about yoga? Apart from keeping you fit it has given us flexibility, great posture and of course, yoga pants.

Ass of the Year Battle

by sensualpianist

User sensualpianist has put together an epic battle of the year's best booty. Settle down for some tough choices and enjoy some exceptional asses from 2016.

Tabletop Hotties Battle

by Pappupassq

Wooden tables, glass tables, pool tables; pretty much any table is improved by a beautiful, naked girl. Which one would you rather find waiting for you?

On a Boat Battle

by sensualpianist

These girls are living the good life! Who would you like to join for a little boat ride.. and maybe some other activities!?

Pretty in Pink Battle!!

by Pappupassq

Lots of girls love pink and that's why this battle is a long one. To be honest, we like pink too. Good luck with this extended battle from Pappupassq!

Sexiest of 2016 Battle!

by sensualpianist

A battle with the 20 top-rated girls of SF! Choose your favorite from the most-loved ladies of the site as of 2016.

Christmastime Battle!!!

by Pappupassq

'Tis the season to be jolly and it's hard to keep a sad face with these merry ladies around. Grab some eggnog and choose your favorite festive girls!

reclaimer's Personal Favorites Battle!

by reclaimer343117

User reclaimer343117 has put together a battle featuring his favorite images on S&F. Lets see which girl you guys pick as the best of his best!

Farm Girls Battle!!

by Pappupassq

Out in the country there's not always a lot to do so you've got to be creative when it comes to having fun. How about choosing your favorite cowgirl?

Pappupassq's Best 100 Pics Battle Part 2!!

by Pappupassq

The epic 100 pics battle is back and this time Pappupassq chose 100 new faces. Vote your favorite and see who wins this loooong battle.

Best of Britain Battle!!

by Pappupassq

A celebration of British beauties with talent from England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Which one is your favorite UK hottie?

Desert Island Battle

by sensualpianist

If you were stranded on a desert island, which of these sea maidens would you want to be stuck with you? Not that you can go wrong with any of them..

Fishnet Battle!!!

by Pappupassq

This battle is somewhat censored as the net is hiding the best part but we still manage to get some sexy pics out of it. Vote for your favorite!

Fruity Battle

by Pappupassq

These girls love fruit which is great since they are healthy, tasty and in this case, sexy! Pick your favorite healthy hottie from each set.

Babes in Hats Battle

by sensualpianist

Which girl deserves a tip of the hat? You decide in this battle of the headgear. There are lots to choose from so get started!

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