Battle Game List

Best of Mavrin Battle

by sensualpianist

Choose your favorite from the sexy photos of Mavrin. Lots of variety and plenty of gorgeous ladies.

Hottest Girl Toweling Off Battle!

by sensualpianist

Towels make one of the sexiest outfits, especially since there's a high chance of nudity when they're around.

Battle Of The Hottest Blondes!

by lukeespon

Let's see who the sexiest blonde is! Choose your favorite from each pair of fair-haired beauties.

Sexiest Panties Battle

by lukeespon

This is a simple one, just vote for the girl who is wearing the sexier panties. Obviously it will be hard to overlook other parts of the photo but we believe in you!

Best Beach Bum Battle

by sensualpianist

A collection of babes in various stages of undress, usually at the beach. Lots of booty and I don't mean pirate treasure.

The Battle Of The Perfect Nipples

by lukeespon

Take a gander at these beautiful babes and decide for yourself who should win the trophy of the best nipples. Put on your bifocals if need be.

Epic All-Time Favorites Battle

by sensualpianist

A massive battle of the most favorited Sexy and Funny girl galleries! Seriously there are more than 100 photos here.

Sexiest by a Window Battle

by sensualpianist

Is there any better place for a girl to pose nude than in the soft light of an open window? Vote for the sexiest girl posing by the window!

Battle: Hottest Tessa Fowler Pic

by Goodusername

Tessa has had a lot of different looks since she started pulling out her boobies. This battle features a photo from every single Tessa gallery on S&F. Good luck!

Best of 2015 Battle!

by sensualpianist

A battle among the top 20 most viewed S&F girl galleries of 2015. You are in for some tough choices in this one... you're welcome.

Battle of the Pool Hotties!

by Three D

Longing for summer days? Dream of these hotties while you pick your favorite.

Black and White Battle!

by Three D

This one is for you arty types who appreciate a beautiful woman with or without colors. And there is so much here to appreciate..

Your Cosmid Favorites Battle

by Three D

Cosmid is well known for their girl-next-door look, amateur vibe and of course, beautiful girls. It's hard but pick your favorite!

Musical Chairs Battle!

by sensualpianist

These girls have the chairs. All you need to bring is the music! Vote for your favorite!

Definitive Connie Carter Battle

by sensualpianist

User sensualpianist has come up with another great battle for you all. This time it's a Connie Carter showdown, featuring a photo from every single Connie gallery on S&F.

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