Battle Game List

A Truly Hands-On Mega Battle

by That Aussie Guy

These ladies have a lot to cover up and only two hands which leads to some things getting left out. Put your hands to good use to pick the best handsy pose.

Battle of the Gym Girls

by Three D

Looking good takes work and these ladies know all about that. Pick your favorite exercising hottie.

The Best Bikini Battle

by lukeespon

No nudity in this battle of the bikinis but lots of sexy ladies. Choose your favorite swimsuit hottie to reign supreme.

Lonestarr's Sexiest Smiles Battle

by lonestarr

User lonestarr has put together a hell of a battle, with 42 smiling beauties battling it out for your votes. No idea who will win, but probably not the girl in the thumb!

Sexiest at the Piano Battle

by sensualpianist

Vote for the hottest girl at the piano. We're not sure about their musical ability but that doesn't matter. This battle appropriately brought to you by user sensualpianist!

Hottest Hand-Bra Battle

by sensualpianist

Which girl has the hottest handfuls? The best part is there are usually not enough hands to cover all the bits.

All Natural Nudes in Nature Battle

by sensualpianist

A nature lover's dream! Just pure, unspoiled beauty. And some trees as well. Vote for your favorite all-natural girl in all-natural surroundings!

The Sexiest Eyes Battle

by lukeespon

It's all in the eyes.. and how we use them to look at the important bits. Pick the model with the sexiest stare from each pair.

Best Balcony with a View Battle

by sensualpianist

Can't beat the view from these balconies! Choose your favorites from these ladies on high.

Battle of the Bush

by Three D

Although many ladies choose the bare look there are still lots of hirsute hotties. Choose your favorite fuzzy lady from each pair.

Sexiest Costume Battle

by sensualpianist

Whether it's for Halloween, Comic-Con or just for fun, girls in costumes are a treat. Vote for your favorite from these incognito hotties. For a similar previous battle, click here

Sexy in Pairs Battle

by phunlover

What's better than one beautiful naked girl? Two beautiful naked girls! Vote for the sexiest pair.

Best of Mavrin Battle

by sensualpianist

Choose your favorite from the sexy photos of Mavrin. Lots of variety and plenty of gorgeous ladies.

Hottest Girl Toweling Off Battle!

by sensualpianist

Towels make one of the sexiest outfits, especially since there's a high chance of nudity when they're around.

Battle Of The Hottest Blondes!

by lukeespon

Let's see who the sexiest blonde is! Choose your favorite from each pair of fair-haired beauties.

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