Battle Game List

Come Hither Eyes Battle!

by Cap00

There's nothing like a seductive gaze from across the room, especially when accompanied by a pair of boobs.

A to Z Battle!

by sensualpianist

The alphabet may not seem sexy but it is with naked girls at every letter! For once we wish there were more than 26.

Best in Heels Battle!

by mrb1974

History says men were the first to wear heels but we know who wears them best! Bonus points if they're the only thing you have on.

Shower Time Battle!!!

by Pappupassq

Some very sexy ladies in one of the best places to be naked. Also one tub scene.

The Upboob Battle

by Cap00

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's upboob! Get the best view of the best boobs from below.

Best of Katerina Hartlova Battle!

by microsdcardlover

If today's video wasn't enough Katerina for you, you're in luck because we've got a whole battle too! She's got lots of different looks to choose fro

Most Ticklish Model Battle!

by ticklishtickler

User ticklishtickler asks, 'Which girl do you think is the most ticklish on the website?' which seems an appropriate question given his name and all. There are a lot to choose from, too.

Wine and Women Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

Sip, chug and drink your way through all the thirsty gals and their cups of beer, wine and coffee. Refills on request.

Hottest FTV Girl Battle!

by mrb1974

We've been fans of FTV Girls for a long time. Who doesn't like hot, mostly-naked girls?

Peekaboob Battle!

by Cap00

We're guessing it took a lot of work to find all of these, especially since there are so many choices. We appreciate the effort and the boob(s).

Sexiest Erica Campbell Battle!

by microsdcardlover

It's been ten years since Erica retired from the adult industry and she's still a legend. If you have any doubts about why that is, this battle should clear things up.

Tan Lines Battle III!

by Cap00

One of the nice things about seeing a girl's tan lines is, chances are, she's not wearing much. Or, as in a lot of the photos in this battle, she's not wearing anything.

Teacher's Pet Battle!

by ticklishtickler

Detention wouldn't be so bad with company like this, especially when it's clothing optional. Who would you want to stay after school with?

Pretty Peyton Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

The platinum blonde of Naked News fame enters the battle arena. What her galleries lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Vote for your favorite Peyton pics in thi

Epic Hangtime Battle!

by Cap00

One of the best things about big, natural boobs is the way they look swinging around. Vote for your favorite pair of hanging jugs in this battle from Cap00.

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